Animator, Illustrator & Designer.
Problem (Coffee) Drinker. Star Wars Fanatic.
Bookstore Lurker. Beard Connoisseur.
Part-time Batman.



A little bit about me!

Hey! Nice to meet you!

My name’s Dane and I’m a digital designer and animator based in Sydney. With a background in print design, I work digitally and am obsessed with design that moves and makes noise.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients including City of Sydney, Hahn, Moneyball and IMAX.

I’ve exhibited my work in The Wedge Gallery, screened at some great festivals including Dungog Film Festival, MIAF, A Night of Horrors International Film Festival and even set some animated segments loose on GO!

When I’m away from the desk I can usually be found at the beach, on a bike, in a cinema or having an in-depth discussion about my zombie apocalypse survival plan.